Tips for Making Home Lasagna

Italy has many delicious dishes that generally consist of different types of pasta. Serving pizza with classic marinara sauce, practical aglio e olio pasta, to lasagna that is close to the impression of luxury. Talking about lasagna, surely everyone will be tempted by this one layered pasta. Often sold in expensive, star-rated restaurants, you can actually make delicious lasagna yourself at home.

To make a delicious lasagna be sure to pay attention to the right ingredients. Starting from the selection of lasagna sheets that can be made yourself or using instant pasta to mixing two types of meat consisting of ground beef and sausage meat. Bechamel sauce is the secret to lasagna. Bechamel sauce itself can be made by heating butter, flour and milk until it becomes a thick sauce. After that use tomato sauce to cook it with the meat mixture until it becomes a bolognese sauce.

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