Cleaning Carpet Properly

The floor is one of the interiors of a house that is most often used for activities. The floor aesthetic value can be elevated if added carpet. And the carpet is not only functioned as an aesthetic enhancer of a room but also can be used as a base to sit when relaxing with family. A comfortable rug is a rug that is clean and always washed. Washing the carpet here has a function to remove dirt. But in the washing process also can not be haphazard. You need to adjust the method with the type of carpet so the carpet will not be damaged as a result of mishandling. You do not have to worry because if you use Carpet Cleaning The Hills service they know how to clean your carpet and rug properly, read here how to wash or clean the carpet based on its type.


1. Polypropylene carpet. This type of carpet is a type of carpet that is often used in everyday life. How to clean the carpet is also fairly easy. Only cleaned using water. This carpet, including the type of carpet at an affordable price. However, the disadvantage is that the color of this carpet is easily worn off and the threads are also loose. besides, it is also thinner and a bit slippery.

2. Nylon carpet. This rug is made of plastic nylon. besides that this carpet is easily replaced in parts if there is damage. This carpet has a relatively cheaper price. how to wash the carpet is also quite easy. just wash it off using water then dry and dry.

3. Sisal. This particular carpet is safe to use because it is made of plants. However, this rug cannot be washed with water because sisal has a rough texture and is easy to expand when exposed to water. so to clean this type of carpet must use a vacuum cleaner. This carpet is used to coat the floor of a room so it is not slippery.

4. Viscose. This rug is made of artificial materials that have a texture like synthetic silk. To clean this carpet can be done by using a vacuum cleaner or if you use water, just water it and then dry it and do not need to be brushed.
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